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Chantelle Lamoureux, CEO
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Lamoureux Events is a full-serviced event planning, marketing and advertising business. We offer a wide range of services to design, create, advertise and plan the perfect event every time! We can help to work with you to build a budget, create and maintain a critical path, schedule a marketing and advertising plan, organize and follow a production schedule, and guide you though all event logistics and any event permits and licenses.


The business is privately owned by Chantelle Lamoureux. Chantelle went to George Brown College for a 2-year program in Special Event Management. She graduated with honours and won the CHCA Special Events Student Leadership Excellence Award. Chantelle presents passion, innovation and creativeness to all events that she plans and is apart of.


At Lamoureux Events, our main focus is YOU!


"I worked with Chantelle during six various community involvement events at Canadian Tire in Marathon, and she was an absolute joy to work with. She was extremely organized, insanely creative with her marketing and advertising plan within the small town that we are in. Everyone knew about the event, it was the talk of the town. She did an amazing job making it an event that people lined up for over an hour to get into. She knows how to deal with any issues, good or bad on the fly and problem solves like no one else I have ever seen. It was crazy how she handled a 400 person 4 hour event all on her own. She has everything down to a science, working with her was an absolute blast! I constantly recommend Lamoureux Events to everyone I know!"

-Jessica Paris, Employment Advisor, Northwest Employment Works

(Multiple Events from 2016-2019 at Marathon Canadian Tire)

Marathon, ON

"I had an opportunity to work with Lamoureux Events for the planning and execution of our first Ladies Night at Canadian Tire Polo Park. This is the first time we had elected to use an event planning company, as we typically will try and do the event planning in house. The reality is working with Chantelle resulted in a drastically more successful event.

    From the planning aspect Chantelle brought the experience, vendor contacts, social media and external networking skills that we just cannot come close to internally while we continue to run our businesses. A key part of the planning for me was the weekly update calls Chantelle and I had. These were integral to bring me along with her process, and give me the confidence that we were hitting the milestones to have a very successful event. Chantelle was very open to receive my input of key things I wanted our event to look like, but also very capable just to take the ball and run with it. Beyond the weekly 15 minute calls, I provided no resources for pre work.

    From an Operational aspect during the event it was very important to have Chantelle on site for Leadership. We had 700 customers in two hours and everyone had a fantastic time. In addition to operating our normal business at very high traffic levels we also had to execute the special event tasks (Raffle prizes, Jumpstart Fund raising, Candy Bar, prize bags, etc.) Internally, we always default to what we are trained for, selling product. Having Chantelle on site kept us on track for the event tasks as well. In addition she will fill the role as MC, co-ordinate with all local vendors and media. After the event is done, she did a great job of closing the loop on social media, and sharing all the pictures and amazing stories, this will result in more turnout on the next event.

From my experience, I strongly recommend Lamoureux Events."

-Jason Yung, General Manager (Ladies Night 2017)

Winnipeg Polo Park Canadian Tire

"As a former student of mine, I've watched Chantelle's passion for the industry only increase as she has moved forward with her career. She understands the need to ensure participants get what they have signed up for. Chantelle is the future of our industry and it couldn't be in better hands."

-Sandy Biback, Imagination+Meeting Planners Inc.,

George Brown College Professor

Toronto, ON

“It was a pleasure working with Chantelle. As a media company throwing a conference targeting senior business leaders and tech innovators, we were looking for a resource to ensure our event was planned and executed flawlessly. Chantelle jumped right in and helped us manage multiple moving pieces, stakeholders, and also guided us through many bumps along the way with patience and expertise. From big picture planning, to perfecting the small details that add polish, Chantelle went above and beyond to ensure our tech conference was a success. I would highly recommend Chantelle's work to anyone planning corporate and industry events.”

-Megan Shay, BetaKit (BK 150 Event)

Toronto, ON

“Drayton Valley Canadian Tire throughly enjoyed working with Lamoureux Events. Chantelle Lamoureux planned a fun-filled fundraiser. Day of Play was filled with innovative ideas and was extremely creative. We saw the level of professionalism, hard work and dedication that Lamoureux Events has, it blew us away!”

-Canadian Tire Drayton Valley Team (Day of Play 2016/2017, Ladies Night)

Drayton Valley, AB


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